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Sustainability: ESG deeply rooted in the company

LGT Capital Partners has for a long time adopted a sustainable investment approach.

We integrate principles of sustainability into a variety of asset classes and investment structures. Consideration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors may apply in the area of alternative investments in the same manner as for equities and bonds, fund of funds solutions or direct investment solutions and mandates.

In terms of investment products, our global investment universe excludes companies involved in the production, storage and supply of controversial weapons such as nuclear weapons, land mines, cluster bombs/munitions and biological and chemical weapons.

ESG Report 2020

For what is already the eighth time, the annual ESG Report from LGT Capital Partners shows how LGT’s portfolio managers incorporate sustainability factors into their investment processes and what kind of ecological footprint LGT Capital Partners’ stock portfolio has.

Read the entire ESG Report 2020 (PDF) online.


ESG is high on the agenda of alternative asset managers

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Alternative investors increasingly focusing on outcomes as ESG integration deepens

Please learn more about the key findings from our 2021 report in the video.

Global insights on ESG in alternative investing

"The Sustainable Development Goals will help the financial industry to address the most pressing global issues."

Over 90% of alternative investors agree with this statement in LGT Capital Partners' current survey.