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Champions Hockey League

As a sponsor of the CHL Top Scorer, LGT never misses a game.

Perform. Score. Win.

In the Champions Hockey League, the best European hockey teams fight for the most coveted title in European club hockey. As a partner of the CHL and sponsor of CHL Top Scorer, LGT never misses a game.

They deliver maximum performance, play with unbelievable precision and exemplify strong team spirit: 32 top teams from 13 countries. And they are all pursuing one goal: to win the Champions Hockey League. Performance, precision and good teamwork: these are three key factors for success that are also important at LGT.

LGT Top Scorer: Rewarding the most successful player

Top scorer is the player in a team who scores the most goals or provides assists. At the end of the CHL season, LGT presents the Top Scorer Award to the best scorer of the entire league.

Fredrik Pettersson of the ZSC Lions Zurich was the most successful player of the CHL 2017/18 season with 16 points (nine goals/seven assists).

Who scores the most this year? Find out more at

Mit 16 Punkten (neun Treffer/sieben Vorlagen) in neun Spielen war Fredrik Pettersson der ZSC Lions Zürich der erfolgreichste Spieler der Champions-Hockey-League-Saison 2017/18.

Herzliche Gratulation!

Team spirit required

At LGT, we know that the performance of each individual counts when it comes to creating something big together. This is also the case at CHL and LGT Young Soloists, a string orchestra made up of up-and-coming talents that we have been partnering with since 2013.

Einblicke in die CHL

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