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1e pension solutions

The individual executive pension plan

1e pension solutions with LGT: Individual, flexible and attractive

If you do not just want to receive an annual pension fund statement, but also wish to have an active say in how your pension fund is invested, 1e pension solutions are an attractive option. Executive pension solutions offer a wide range of options, in particular for high-earning employees, the self-employed and company management members.

  • Individual - you decide which level of risk and investment strategy is right for you
  • Flexible - you can make adjustments at any time
  • Attractive - you benefit from attractive and effective investment solutions, despite the low interest rate environment

Your pension assets will be deposited with LGT on your behalf by one of the Liberty pension foundations and invested by LGT in accordance with the strategy you have chosen. Our experts look forward to hearing from you.

Who can take advantage of 1e pension solutions at LGT?

If your income is between CHF 129 060 and CHF 860 400, the executive solution is geared to you.

1e pension plans insure salary components that are above 1.5 times the upper BVG salary limit. Are you self-employed? Then you are generally free to choose your own pension fund and can opt directly for a 1e pension plan. But this solution is also geared to you if you are a high-earning employee with an annual salary in the above-mentioned range. We recommend that company management members and company owners also consider this pension solution for their employees.

What are the advantages of a 1e pension plan compared to the standard 2nd Pillar?

One of the biggest advantages of the 1e pension plan is your freedom of choice. While the investment strategies for standard pension funds (2nd Pillar) are pre-defined, the 1e pension plan enables you to choose between different investment and risk strategies. In addition, there is no redistribution due to unfavorable demographic developments. Like for Pillar 3a, the money you save belongs to you alone.

With 1e pension solutions, you can choose your investment strategy based on your personal risk tolerance. Various risk profiles are available to you, and you always have full transparency with regard to the performance, returns and management fees of your pension portfolio. With traditional pension solutions (e.g. collective foundations), this option is largely absent. You also benefit from the fact that voluntary purchases can be deducted from your taxable income.

For employees/the self-employed


  • Flexibility to choose the investment strategy > take investments into your own hands
  • Full transparency with regard to performance, returns and administrative fees
  • Tax optimization
  • Improved retirement benefits thanks to additional savings and returns
  • Transfer of securities into a private custody account upon retirement

For companies


  • Flexibility for employees to choose their investment strategy
  • Full transparency with regard to performance, returns and administrative fees
  • No provisions for longevity risks – retirement benefits are only paid out in the form of capital
  • Optimization of returns on retirement capital for employees
  • Positions company as an attractive employer by offering an excellent pension solution

The right investment strategy for your 1e pension plan

At LGT, you can choose from three different investment strategies for your 1e plan. Which of these is the right one for you will also depend on your available capital. We would be delighted to advise you on this matter.

  • LGT Pension Plan – Portfolio Management Mandate
  • LGT Pension Plan – Fund Mandate
  • LGT Pension Plan – Alpha Indexing Fund
  • Available starting from a volume of CHF 750 000.
  • Geared to investors who want to be responsible for investing their own pension assets – according to an investment strategy that meets their individual needs.
  • Our investment specialists build an individual portfolio for you using a wide variety of investment vehicles. They monitor the performance of the assets and manage them in accordance with your specificationsb within the parameters of the OPO 2 (Occupational Pension Ordinance) investment guidelines.
  • You can choose from five different risk profiles. Depending on your risk tolerance and investment objectives, you can also issue individual investment instructions.
  • Available starting from an investment volume of CHF 10 000.
  • Geared to investors who want to be responsible for investing their own pension assets – in line with one of our pre-defined investment strategies.
  • Our investment specialists implement the investment strategy defined by you within the parameters of the OPO 2 (Occupational Pension Ordinance) investment guidelines, via selected fund investments. The asset classes used are money markets, bonds, equities and alternative investments.
  • You can choose from five different risk profiles. These are implemented in the form of mandates and placed with Liberty Pension Ltd.
  • No minimum investment volume threshold.
  • Geared to clients who wish to invest even small amounts in a robust, broadly diversified portfolio.
  • The LGT Alpha Indexing Fund is an actively managed mixed fund that invests worldwide and in a diversified manner in money markets, bonds and equities in various currencies, as well as alternative investments and real estate and is in compliance with OPO 2 (Occupational Pension Ordinance). The bond component varies between 30 and 60 percent, the equity component between 10 and 50 percent and the component accounted for by the reference currency (Swiss franc) is at least 70 percent.

With the two strategies LGT Pension Plan - Portfolio Management Mandates and LGT Pension Plan - Fund Mandates, you can choose from five different risk profiles. This enables you to tailor your investment strategy to your individual wishes and needs based on your risk tolerance and risk capacity.

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