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Impact investments: Sustainable and profitable

Investors don't have to choose between financial and social or environmental returns. They can provide capital to address the world’s most pressing challenges – while realizing financial returns. Discover impact investing.

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As an investor, do you feel like you have to choose between investments that generate high returns and investments that have a positive environmental and social impact? In fact, you don't have to.

Doing good and generating high returns don't have to exclude each other. By investing sustainably, you can achieve both.

As investors realize that every investment has an impact on our world, more and more are looking for funds and companies to invest in that increase their capital’s positive impact on society and the environment – while realizing a financial return.

Are you a sustainably-minded investor interested in private equity? Then impact investing might just be what you're looking for.

More than profit

Impact investments intentionally provide capital to companies that address the world’s most pressing challenges; from healthcare, housing, and education to agriculture, renewable energy and circular economy.

As an impact investor, you put your money in private companies that aim to make a profit, but also solve a global problem and have a measurable social or environmental impact. In other words, impact investors do not only take classical financial factors into account when selecting and managing their portfolio, but also non-financial factors.

The best-known of these non-financial factors are the so-called ESG criteria. "E" stands for "environmental", "S" for "social", and "G" for "governance," good corporate or government management.

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A global impact investing platform

As an intermediary between investors and capital-seeking companies, LGT endeavors to combine good financial performance with its environmental and social targets. In the future, a new platform will offer exclusive impact and co-investing opportunities to LGT and its clients: As of 2021, LGT’s impact investments have been integrated into the newly formed, independent company Lightrock.

LGT's sister company and impact investor Lightrock is a global impact investing platform that seeks attractive financial as well as societal and environmental returns by investing in and engaging with businesses that contribute positively to humankind and the planet.

Lightrock invests in companies that have developed a scalable, profitable solution to a global problem with measurable, positive social or environmental impact. In other words: All stakeholders benefit – the more these companies grow with the capital provided, the higher are the returns for people, planet and investors.

Lightrock is a pioneer the field of impact investing: Since its foundation in 2007, it has invested in more than 60 companies that employ technology and business innovation to bring about systemic change at scale towards a more sustainable future. Examples include Infarm, the world's fastest growing urban farming network, and Pharmeasy, one of the largest omni-channel healthcare platforms in India.

Lightrock invests across three key impact themes:

  • people (unlocking human potential, equitably);
  • planet (improving resource efficiency, sustainably);
  • productivity/tech for good (reimagining business productivity, responsibly).

Lightrock investments across these themes measurably contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Lightrock is present across four regions globally with a team of over 50 experienced investment professionals and is led by an experienced Partnership headed by Global Managing Partner and CEO Pal Erik Sjatil.

Would you like to learn more about impact investing, sustainable investment opportunities, the social impact of funds or the financial return of impact investments? Visit Lightrock.