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Financial markets

Money, capital, forex. How do the financial markets work? And which trends should you learn about? This section features fascinating articles by our financial experts on developments in financial markets.

Japan - role model for inflation?

Dec 23, 2022

The global economy is in the stranglehold of inflation as central banks end the era of cheap money. What makes Japan the notable exception?More

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The Financial Markets section of MAG/NET informs readers about basic mechanisms and developments in this area of the finance industry. The articles aim to provide you with insights that go beyond current news.

In which markets can investors hope to generate exceptional returns in the next few years, for example? The content featured on MAG/NET looks first at the global economy: What are the challenges facing investors if markets around the world and the economy in general are increasingly interconnected?

Developments in emerging markets are also a key topic for financial markets. Some observers expect the economies of emerging markets to generate particularly strong gains, while others view them primarily as a source of risk.

MAG/NET sees itself as a platform where the analysis and insights of proven experts answer questions such as these.


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