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Environment, society, economy – sustainable thinking has a positive impact in many areas. Our reports offer interesting examples and exciting ideas on the environmental, economic and social dimensions of sustainability.

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From combating climate change to protecting biodiversity – the concept of sustainability is frequently mentioned today as a solution to overcome global challenges – and not just within the environment.The term ‘sustainability’ now has a much broader meaning and encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects. This can also be seen from the UN Sustainable Development Goals of 2015. LGT is convinced that the finance industry in particular has a key role to play in promoting the concept of sustainability within the economy through its investments and advisory services. Our reports on MAG/NET aim to showcase how the world can change for the better by pursuing a sustainable approach. Wealthy individuals in particular can make an important contribution to the environment and society.In addition to features on different topics, we present specific examples from areas such as impact investing on MAG/NET. LGT has joined forces with Lightrock in this field and thus supports innovative companies that generate a long-term impact.


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