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LGT Navigator: Fed maintains course for December rate hike

November 9, 2018

As expected, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) left its key interest rate unchanged, but at the same time signaled its continued willingness to raise interest rates again, probably at the last FOMC meeting this year on 19 December.

The ECB's cautious bias toward an interest rate turnaround, despite the announcement to end its billion-dollar bond purchase program probably at the end of this year, weakened the euro significantly. The ECB maintained its key interest rate at a record low and remained extremely cautious in its communication. At the same time, the Bank of Japan also left its key interest rates unchanged and even lowered its inflation expectations.
The capital markets were all relaxed about the thoroughly trend-setting results of the US parliamentary elections, and most stock exchanges recorded some significant gains thanks to the uncertainty that has now been removed. Although US President Donald Trump's position of power has thus been weakened, this should not immediately mean a real change of direction in previous policy, especially with regard to the trade conflict, which is important for the financial markets.

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