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Accounts, cards and conditions

LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. provides its clients with the following banking services.

  • Accounts
  • Cards
  • Banknotes, foreign currencies and precious metals

Whether for business or private payment transactions, LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. has exactly the right account with attractive conditions.

Current account in all currencies

The account for business and private payment transactions, with the entire balance availfromle at any time.

 Interest 0.000%  0.000%  0.000% 

Private account

The account for private investors, with a CHF/EUR/USD 100 000 withdrawal limit per month.

 Interest 0.000%  0.000%  0.000% 

Savings account in CHF, EUR, USD

The account that is a proven savings option for individuals and clubs, with a CHF/EUR/USD 20 000 withdrawal limit per month.

 up to CHF 50 000  0.050% 0.050%  0.300% 
 up to CHF 250 000  0.025% 0.025%  0.300% 
 from CHF 250 000  0.000% 0.000%  0.300% 

Real estate account

Only in combination with a mortgage.

 up to CHF 50 000  0.000%
 up to CHF 250 000  0.000%
 from CHF 250 000  0.000%


Please contact your relationship manager for further details. All interest rates shown are subject to alteration (valid from 01.05.2021). The bank reserves the right to change its terms and conditions at any time. The bank reserves the right to apply a negative base or market interest rate to the credit balances held in the respective currencies.

Whether for cash withdrawals or cashless payments, for entrepreneurs, salary earners, young people or senior citizens, LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. has exactly the right cards and payment options.

Information regarding card security items and how to act correctly in the event of damage you can find on:
In the event of loss, theft or potential misuse of your card, please contact your relationship manager during office hours.
Outside office hours, please call the following emergency phone number in connection with Maestro cards: +423 375 37 50.
For emergencies in connection with credit cards outside office hours, please contact the respective card company.

Maestro Card

The Maestro Card is the leading debit card. It can be used for the following services:

  • Free cash withdrawals over the counter and at ATMs in Liechtenstein and Switzerland
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs abroad
  • Cashless payments


  • Annual fee: CHF 20.00
  • Card for second account holder: CHF 20.00
  • Blocking fee: CHF 50.00
  • Replacement card: CHF 10.00

Credit cards

The following credit cards are available upon request:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Swiss Bankers Travel card

The insured prepaid card to withdraw local currencies and make payments locally wherever you are in the world.


Please contact your relationship manager for further details.

Whether you need foreign exchange for a business transaction or banknotes in a certain currency for your vacation, contact your relationship manager for the latest rates.

Precious metals as an investment instrument

Silver, gold, platinum and palladium may be sensible additions to your portfolio. Contact your relationship manager, who will be happy to talk to you about the investments below:

  • Coins, plate and bars
    We can securely store precious metals and coins such as Goldvreneli or Krügerrand for you. You can choose to store them either in a personal safe deposit box or a custody account.
  • Metals account
    A claim on a booked precious metal holding.

Talk to your relationship manager to find out how you can trade foreign currencies and precious metals with LGT.

Introduction of the QR bill in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

The QR bill will be introduced on 30 June 2020. During a transition period expected to last one-and-a-half to two years, it will be possible to continue to use the red and orange payment slips as well as the new QR bill.

The new QR bill contains all payment information in a QR code. This simplifies the payment process for the invoice recipient and results in increased quality and greater efficiency by harmonizing payment transactions.

QR bills at LGT

From July 2020, LGT will offer you the possibility to pay QR invoices via our online banking platforms LGT SmartBanking and LGT SmartBanking Pro as well as by means of domestic payment orders. If you wish to issue invoices for payments to your accounts held with us, you can order the corresponding slips from us as usual without a structured reference (red payment slips).

Further information

Making payments easy with the QR bill

Factsheet for invoice recipients

Factsheet for SMEs