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Our financing offering

Our financing solutions round off our private banking offering for you. Increase your financial flexibility.

Lombard loan

The LGT Lombard loan gives you access to additional liquidity at short notice when you pledge your assets held with us as collateral.

We grant you a variable credit limit that you can use to purchase securities or for any other liquidity needs. The maximum credit limit is determined by the lending value of your securities pledged as collateral, as calculated by us. A low interest rate for your LGT Lombard loan is possible for drawdowns in the form of fixed advances.

Mortgages for real estate financing

A mortgage from LGT allows you to finance your real estate in selected countries in a flexible manner.

Our seasoned international financing experts can draw up real estate financing solutions for you in selected countries such as Austria, France, Monaco, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Click here for information on the LIBOR transition.

LGT Private Banking mortgage

The LGT Private Banking mortgage is our exclusive, made-to-measure option for financing residential properties alongside your bank assets in Switzerland.


Taking into consideration your overall banking relationship, your personal mortgage advisor develops financing solutions tailored to suit your requirements.


You choose the form of mortgage utilization and determine the interest mix according to your expectations.


As opposed to structured mortgage products, the LGT Private Banking mortgage is rather simple and transparent. It does not imply a fixed duration apart from the duration of the individual loan tranches.


Trade finance

With us, your payment guarantees and performance obligations are in good hands.
We have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of settling and hedging all kinds of contractual security deposits and contingent liabilities.

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This information does not represent an offer, a quotation or request for a quotation, a public advertisement or a recommendation to apply for financing or to buy or sell specific products. Financing opens up new opportunities, but also involves risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your financing options with your client advisor.

Indicative non-binding interest rates in connection with assets of CHF 300 000 or more. The definitive interest rate is determined when the mortgage is finalized. The interest rates are fixed definitively two days before payout/extension of the mortgage. However, the interest rate may be fixed definitively in advance on payment of a premium. A maximum of five tranches (fixed-rate, variable-rate and Libor together), minimum amount per fixed tranche of CHF 100 000. The interest rate is based on LGT’s prevailing refinancing costs.