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Mar 18, 2019

LGT reports further rise in profits and profitable growth in 2018

LGT reported further profitable growth and a substantial rise in group profit of 11% to CHF 314.1 million for the 2018 financial year. Net asset inflows were solid at CHF 6.8 billion. Assets under management decreased 2% to CHF 198.2 billion due to market and currency effects.

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Mar 18, 2019

LGT Navigator: Confident start in Brexit-influenced week

Equity investors were in a buying mood at the end of last week and at the start of the new trading week in Asia. However, political uncertainties could dampen sentiment at any time. This week, Brexit is likely to be at the focus again. According to the British parliament's wish to postpone the departure date, a vote on the deadline will take place on Tuesday. In addition, the European Union countries must agree.

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Mar 15, 2019

LGT Navigator: Voting marathon in the Brexit drama continues

On the Brexit issue, a majority in the British Parliament (412 to 202) voted in a further vote for a temporary postponement of the Brexit date, originally set for Mach 29, 2019. A third vote on the Brexit deal negotiated by British Premier Theresa May with the European Union and the duration of the postponement is scheduled for next week. However, the prerequisite for an extension of the deadline is that all 27 EU member states approve the agreement, EU Council President Donald Tusk warned. An immediate problem for the European Union is now the upcoming European elections on 23-26 May.

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Mar 14, 2019

LGT Navigator: Brexit likely to go into over time

In view of the continuing uncertainty in the Brexit drama, equity investors remained on the sidelines. Yesterday the British Parliament rejected a disorderly exit from the EU (No-Deal-Brexit) with 321 to 278 votes. After the renewed rejection, a new vote on a possible extension of the deadline (probably until June 30) of the Brexit, which was originally set for March 29, is now to take place today. For its part, the EU Commission stated that a farewell without serious distortions could not be ensured by a vote, but only by the adoption of the Brexit agreement.

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Mar 13, 2019

LGT Navigator: Renewed Brexit defeat

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May suffered another severe defeat in Parliament yesterday, when the withdrawal treaty she negotiated with the EU was once again rejected by 391 votes to 242. This means that only two weeks before the UK's withdrawal from the EU, scheduled for March 29, there is a risk of a disorderly Brexit. Parliament is to vote today on whether Great Britain should leave the EU without an agreement. If there is a "no" vote, a decision will be made on Thursday to postpone the withdrawal date.

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Nuestro compromiso con la sociedad

Nuestro compromiso con la sociedad

LGT desea crear valor añadido a largo plazo para la economía y la sociedad y contribuir a mejorar las condiciones de vida de personas desfavorecidas.

Nuestra propietaria, la Familia Principesca de Liechtenstein

Valores de la Casa de Liechtenstein

Nuestra propietaria, la Familia Principesca de Liechtenstein, pertenece a uno de los más antiguos linajes de Europa. Como familia de empresarios de éxito cuenta con una notable perspectiva a largo plazo que se refleja en las Colecciones Principescas.

Nuestra propietaria, la Familia Principesca de Liechtenstein
Dr. Heinrich Henckel , CEO LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.

"LGT Bank Switzerland es sinónimo de banca privada suiza de primer nivel. Somos para nuestros clientes un socio de confianza desde hace varias generaciones".

Heinrich Henckel, CEO LGT Bank (Switzerland) Ltd.


The financial results 2018 will be presented in Zurich on March 18, 2019.