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Jan 28, 2020

LGT Navigator: Concerns about the effects of the Corona Virus weigh on stock markets worldwide

Investors are concerned about the further spread of the novel Corona Virus, which could put a damper on the world's second largest economy. Fearing a decline in key demand in China, investors are pulling out of sectors such as travel, entertainment and consumer goods. Healthcare companies and consumer goods with detergents and disinfectants have benefited. The Dow Jones lost 500 points or -1.8% at the start of yesterday's trading session, while the Dax and EuroStoxx50 dropped -2.3% and -2.1% respectively to 13271 and 3669. The bond market also reacted sharply: after ten-year US Treasuries were trading at 1.76% on Friday, they yielded only around 1.6% yesterday.

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Jan 27, 2020

LGT Navigator: Reporting season and central bank decisions in focus

The uncertainty on the capital markets due to the potential further spread of the novel virus in China receded somewhat at the end of last week after the WHO refrained from declaring a "health emergency of international proportions". In the new trading week, the German Ifo company survey will be the first item on the agenda today. On Tuesday, the results of major blue-chip stocks such as Apple will take center stage. About a third of the S&P 500 companies are presenting their fourth quarter results. The companies are expected to confirm their high profits from last year. Starting Wednesday, central bank decisions (Fed & BoE) will be on the agenda.

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Jan 24, 2020

LGT Navigator: ECB reaffirms its course and confirms strategy review

While sentiment on international stock markets continue to be clouded by concerns about a possible spread of the viral disease that has occurred in China, the ECB reaffirmed its current interest rate policy and is considering adjusting its strategy. At the same time, the current corporate reporting season remains the focus of investor attention. Intel provided a positive impetus in this regard with a confident outlook.

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Jan 23, 2020

LGT Navigator: Epidemic fear shakes China's stock markets

After a brief recovery, fears of a further spread of the lung virus in China have again put pressure on the stock markets in Asia. In Shanghai, the stock market index at times lost more than -3% and the broad CSI 300 index was temporarily down more than -3.5% this morning. The focus today is also on the ECB's monetary policy decision under the leadership of the new head of the central bank, Lagarde.

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Jan 22, 2020

LGT Navigator: Worries about a virus epidemic depress market sentiment

Fear of a spreading viral disease in China at the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which begins on Friday, is currently causing uncertainty on the capital markets, especially on the Asian stock exchanges. Although a recovery began in Asia this morning, the issue is likely to continue to occupy investors after the first case of the disease was reported in the United States. 

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Our commitment to society

Our commitment to society

LGT’s aim is to create long-term added value for business and society and to help improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people.

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Notre famille de propriétaires, la Maison princière de Liechtenstein, compte parmi les plus anciennes familles aristocratiques d’Europe. En tant que famille d’entrepreneurs multipliant les succès, elle cultive une perspective résolument axée sur le long terme, qui s’exprime également dans l’univers visuel des collections princières.

Notre famille de propriétaires, la Maison princière de Liechtenstein
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