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Values that are lived

Taking responsibility and committing to fellow human beings and the environment – LGT is convinced that everyone can make a contribution to a better future. And it has been doing so for generations.

One of LGT’s innovative investments: The Munich-based start-up Lilium has developed an e-taxi jet that takes off vertically.
More information One of LGT’s innovative investments: The Munich-based start-up Lilium has developed an e-taxi jet that takes off vertically.

Some may think that sustainable approaches and actions are a short-lived trend. Over the centuries, the Princes have embodied the ideal of the "noble farmer": because their income was historically generated through agriculture and forestry, taking a sustainable approach to their agricultural enterprises was a top priority – and probably the most important factor in the success of the Princely House’s entrepreneurial activities over the generations.

The long-term approach of the Princely House lies at the heart of its enterprises – be they in viticulture or forestry. LGT has a special role to play in this: as a bank, it can influence not only its own use of resources, but also the sustainability quality of its investments.

Supporting society and the environment

LGT Capital Partners (CP) became involved in responsible investing early on: in 2008, it was one of the first alternative asset managers to become a member of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) network. In 2018, Tycho Sneyers, Managing Partner at LGT Capital Partners, was elected to the UN Principles for Sustainable Investment Board.

Since 2012, LGT has also been systematically excluding companies involved in the manufacture and sale of controversial weapons from its investment universe. In 2020, companies involved in mining coal for energy production were added to this list. LGT has been offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions generated through its business operations and air travel since 2010. And each LGT branch reduces resource consumption in its own way: in Geneva, lake water is used to cool the premises; in Vienna, river water is used.

Educate Girls (EG)
More information Educate Girls (EG)

Philanthropic commitment

“If I’m not able to do good, I can’t take pleasure in anything,” said Prince Johann II von Liechtenstein, who, due to his remarkable social and humanitarian commitments, was also referred to as Johann II “the Good”. The Prince, who built hospitals and charitable institutions, is one in a long line of Princes who supported the common good.

The LGT Venture Philanthropy Foundation was established in 2007 on the initiative of H.S.H. Prince Max to sustainably improve the quality of life of disadvantaged people and contribute to healthy ecosystems and resilient, thriving and socially inclusive communities. Since its foundation, it has supported more than 60 social enterprises in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Learning to live better: The Liechtenstein Academy

Die Liechtenstein Academy
More information Being in the same boat strengthens team spirit.

To deliver top performance, mental and physical health are indispensable. The Liechtenstein Academy was founded 25 years ago based on this holistic view.

The Liechtenstein Academy programs are held in the inspiring surrounding of Schloss Freudenfels on Lake Constance. They are not designed to provide professional training, but rather to further develop personality, strengthen individual performance and increase capabilities for self-reflection. Its programs are open to all employees worldwide – irrespective of seniority, nationality, age and culture.

H.S.H. Prinz Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein, Honorary Chairman LGT

“LGT is very well capitalized, internationally positioned and has a clear, long-term strategy. Thanks to the alignment of interests between the owner, clients and employees, we are able to work more sustainably than many of our competitors. Our values are enduring – this makes us unique in today’s world.”

H.S.H. Prinz Philipp von und zu Liechtenstein, Honorary Chairman LGT