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Bonds and bond funds: investments in specialized fixed income solutions

LGT’s bond experts analyze interest rate cycles, macroeconomic trends and credit risks to find you investment options with interesting opportunities for returns.

LGT focuses on a handful of specialist areas with its fixed income bonds. We have specific expertise in the following:

  • Emerging market bonds in local currency
  • Global and emerging market inflation-linked bonds
  • High-yield and convertible bonds
Disclaimer: Les investissements dans des solutions de placements de LGT et des fonds vous offrent des opportunités mais comportent aussi des risques. À cet égard, votre profil d’investisseur est déterminant. Discutez des possibilités de placement d’argent chez LGT avec un conseiller à la clientèle.

Here you can find all of LGT’s investment products licensed for sale in your chosen country of domicile.

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