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Con sedi a Basilea, Berna, Ginevra, Lugano e Zurigo, facciamo parte del piú grande gruppo di private banking e asset management del mondo interamente di proprietà di una famiglia di imprenditori. Quale family office della Casa regnante del Liechtenstein vantiamo un’esperienza pluriennale nella gestione di importanti patrimoni.


May 23, 2019

LGT Navigator: Fed reaffirms its patient attitude

The US Federal Reserve (Fed) reaffirmed its wait-and-see stance on monetary policy. A "patient approach is still appropriate for some time to come" according to the minutes of the last interest rate meeting of the Open Market Committee (FOMC) on 1 May, published yesterday.

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May 22, 2019

LGT Navigator: Recovery of tech stocks brings relief

On the stock markets, a recovery in technology stocks due to a relaxation of sanctions against Huawei created a cautiously positive mood among investors.

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May 21, 2019

LGT Navigator: Chip manufacturers suffer under Huawei verdict

The US government blacklists Chinese telecommunications supplier Huawei.

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May 20, 2019

LGT Navigator: Japan's economy remains on growth path

The Japanese economy grew more strongly than expected in the first quarter. The gross domestic product of the third-largest economy after the USA and China expanded in the first three months of the year by +0.5% compared to the previous quarter, despite lower capital expenditure by companies and weak private consumption, while analysts had assumed a slight downturn or a decline in GDP of -0.1%. Projected over the year as a whole, the growth rate was +2.1%. The surprising economic growth in Japan helped the Tokyo Stock Exchange to a moderate price gain.

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May 17, 2019

LGT Navigator: Sentiment on capital markets remains fragile

While positive signals from the US economy were able to push concerns about the trade conflict back into the background for the time being, fears of a renewed confrontation between Italy and the EU Commission are causing uncertainty on European stock markets in particular.

The minutes of the US Federal Reserve's last monetary policy decision on March 20 confirmed the Fed's wait-and-see attitude. There are still "significant uncertainties" in the economic outlook, and latest US inflation data will probably not put pressure on the Fed to raise key interest rates again in the near future. ECB President Mario Draghi continues to see growth risks for the euro zone and recent economic data have confirmed that the pace of growth in the euro area is slowing. Nevertheless, the likelihood of a recession remains low.

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Il nostro impegno sociale

Il nostro impegno sociale

La LGT intende generare plusvalore a lungo termine per l’economia e la società e contribuire al miglioramento delle condizioni di vita delle persone svantaggiate.

La nostra proprietaria, la Famiglia regnante von und zu Liechtenstein

Valori della Casa regnante

La nostra proprietaria, la Famiglia regnante von und zu Liechtenstein, figura tra i piú antichi casati nobili d’Europa. Quale famiglia di imprenditori di successo, essa persegue una chiara prospettiva a lungo termine, che si esprime in maniera esemplare nelle Collezioni del Principe.

La nostra proprietaria, la Famiglia regnante von und zu Liechtenstein
Heinrich Henckel, CEO di LGT Bank Svizzera

"La LGT Bank Svizzera è sinonimo di private banking svizzero d’eccellenza. Per i nostri clienti rappresentiamo un partner affidabile attraverso le generazioni."

Heinrich Henckel, CEO di LGT Bank Svizzera


LGT's financial results for the first half of 2019 will be released on August 22, 2019.