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Discover the opportunities available to you

Whether you are looking to be a relationship manager, IT specialist, investment expert, lawyer or tax specialist - LGT offers you a broad spectrum of career opportunities and long-term development prospects.

What sets LGT apart

H.S.H. Prince Max von und zu Liechtenstein, CEO LGT, explains the special characteristics of LGT as an employer.


A long-term mindset and innovative working - our IT colleagues tell you about their work.

Back- and middle office

Get to know our employees in the back and middle office.

Private Banking and Asset Management

Learn what our colleagues with client contact appreciate about their work.

We are internationally focused yet still retain a family feel as a company, with flat hierarchies and rapid decision-making channels. This gives our employees scope to demonstrate their individual talents and skills.

Find out about some of the areas of work at LGT.

Private Banking - our colleagues with client contact

As the competent contact person for high net worth private clients and intermediaries, our relationship managers determine the needs of our clients and translate them into appropriate individual solutions. In doing so, private banking always strives to provide outstanding advice and products as well as excellent services.

  • Thomas Liesch

    Teamhead Investment Solutions & Advisory
    With LGT since 2006
  • Telefono +41 44 250 8376
  • Oliver Flubacher

    Relationship Manager
    With LGT since 2005
  • Telefono +41 61 277 5044
  • Stephan Züger

    Regional manager
    With LGT since 2006
  • Telefono +41 44 250 8344

Asset Management - our specialists for multi-alternative investments

LGT Capital Partners is a leading provider of multi-alternative investment solutions. Our international team from 35 different nations manages a wide range of investment programs where the focus is on private equity, liquid alternative investments and multi-asset class solutions. LGT Capital Partners is based in Pfäffikon (SZ) and has offices in Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

  • Mark Rall

    Head Fixed Income Products
    With LGT since 2009
  • Telefono +41 55 415 9424
  • Johannes Oehri

    Financial Economist
    With LGT since 2008
  • Telefono +41 55 415 9443
  • Ingrid Frissen

    Research Analyst
    With LGT since 2007
  • Telefono +41 55 415 9804

Trading & Treasury and Financing - our specialists for trading and loans

LGT has a competitive, state-of-the-art trading infrastructure - it forms the basis for all financial market transactions across LGT as a whole. Trading ensures that exchange-traded and over-the-counter financial market transactions are executed in the best possible way and is responsible for group-wide balance sheet and liquidity management. Our financing colleagues develop, with the relationship managers, attractive solutions for our clients, such as mortgages, loans or specially drawn up, individual financing offers.

  • Stefan Oehri

    Head Business Process Management
    With LGT since 2004
  • Telefono +423 235 1730
  • Oliver Britt

    Head FX Swaps
    With LGT since 1999
  • Telefono +423 235 1668
  • Andreas Hueber

    Head Credit Portfolio Management
    With LGT since 2003
  • Telefono +423 235 1679

Information Technology - the guardians of our security and stability

Information Technology provides all the IT services for the whole group. Our IT specialists are organized into local teams and ensure the operational security of LGT. They are responsible for the fault-free, uninterrupted functioning of all key IT systems, programs and applications.

  • Michael Minder

    Head Identity & Access Management
    With LGT since 1999
  • Telefono +41 61 277 5340
  • Urs Trachsel

    Account Manager
    With LGT since 1995
  • Telefono +423 235 1765

Back office and logistics - the backbone of LGT

Legal, security-related and regulatory aspects as well as control and documentation obligations are becoming ever more important. Our back office colleagues develop systems, processes and solutions for providing relationship managers, and thus also our clients, with optimal, comprehensive and individual support and advice. These services, which cover a wide range of areas - such as Facility Management, Securities Services, Infrastructure Management and Business Services - are essential for LGT’s growth and success.

  • Andrea Spühler

    Head Business Services
    With LGT since 1998
  • Telefono +41 44 250 7950
  • Roland Scherrer

    Telephone engineer
    With LGT since 2000
  • Telefono +423 235 1775
  • Ninett Kossowsky

    Officer Tax Team
    With LGT since 2014
  • Telefono +423 235 1746
  • Andreas Plate

    With LGT since 2007
  • Telefono +423 235 1619
  • Ivo Marty

    Head Facility Management
    With LGT since 1999
  • Telefono +423 235 1473

Group functions - our central support for all business units

A number of central sectors of LGT advise and support the individual business units worldwide and, among other things, assist them in legal, tax and regulatory issues, in local and international marketing activities and in personnel matters, ensuring that relevant security measures are complied with. The group functions at LGT include, for example, Compliance, Controlling & Accounting, Legal & Tax, Risk Controlling/Corporate Finance, Human Resources and Marketing & Communications.

  • Brigitte Arnold

    Head Tax/Products
    With LGT since 1997
  • Telefono +423 235 1881
  • Rebecca Rüesch

    With LGT since 2010
  • Telefono +423 235 2070
  • Ralf Vetsch

    Risk Controller
    With LGT since 2013
  • Telefono +423 235 1615
  • Robert Zimmermann

    Senior Compliance Officer
    With LGT since 2001
  • Telefono +41 44 250 8287