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LGT Graduate Program

LGT offers master's graduates an ideal introduction to the dynamic and international world of private banking. Apply now for our Graduate Program and start your future with us.

What can we offer you?

The Graduate Program lasts 18 months. The next one starts on 1 September 2020 and ends on 28 February 2022. Our graduates have different target functions and spend the majority of their time in the respective departments in Liechtenstein, Zürich, Vienna, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Possible target functions for trainees are:  

  • Group Controller
  • Junior Relationship Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Marketing Manager

In addition to the seminars and activities listed below, you will gain insight into other departments at LGT during two to three placements lasting several weeks. 

You find the current vacancies here:

Function Country Category

Seminars and activities



In addition to the seminars and activities listed, you will gain insights into other departments at LGT during two or three internships lasting several weeks.


The trainees are supported throughout the program by their superiors, the HR Learning & Development Team and a mentor. These contacts accompany and advise them in their personal and professional development. 

What qualifications do you have?


  • A very good Master's degree (within the last 12 months)
  • Excellent command of German and English, further foreign languages are advantageous


  • Independent, careful and structured work style
  • Innovative ability, initiative and commitment with high quality standards
  • Resilience and good stress management
  • Readiness to help shape the worldwide LGT strategy and represent our values
  • Interest in a long-term commitment to LGT 

Our graduates of today are our talents of tomorrow

Anna Brugger

Anna Brugger
Graduate Private Label Fonds
LGT Fund Management, Liechtenstein

"I attend internships in the departments we work with in the Private Label Funds area on a daily basis. In this way I learn what is important to our colleagues and I also gain a comprehensive insight into private banking."

Caroline Spiegel

Adrian A. Baumgartner
COO, former Graduate
LGT Bank, Hong Kong

"The unique and tailor-made program has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skillset to further enhance and develop my career."

Kelly Ip

Kelly Ip
Graduate Business Risk Management
LGT Bank, Hong Kong

"What makes LGT so unique is its corporate culture. For me, this is particularly evident in the way the management acts. From my team leader to the CEO, everyone is always eager to share their ideas and experiences."

Jerald Lim
Kelly Ip
Graduate Business Risk Management
LGT Bank, Singapur

Johannes Oehri
Financial Economist, former Graduate
LGT Capital Partners, Switzerland

"Today, I benefit from the fact that I know people, processes, interfaces - but also the everyday worries in those departments in which I was able to gain insight during the Graduate Program. This creates understanding and facilitates cooperation."

Caroline Spiegel
Business Manager, former Graduate
LGT Group, Liechtenstein

"The program has given me many opportunities. Since then, I have worked in Corporate Communications, supported our colleagues in Singapore and Hong Kong for six months and have recently assumed a team leadership role."

Cedric Lüscher

Cédric Lüscher
Graduate Junior Project Manager
LGT Bank, Liechtenstein

"As a graduate in the Management Office, I work on a wide range of topics. I can contribute my own ideas and bring them to life. I learn something new every day - both professionally and personally."

Patrick Wildhaber
Relationship Manager, former Graduate
LGT Bank, Liechtenstein

"Through the Graduate Program, I gained insights into various departments and was able to expand my personal network. This was extremely valuable and prepared me perfectly for my role as a relationship manager. When I look back today, I would opt for the program again."

Interested? Apply now as a graduate.


Sabrina Wildhaber
HR Learning & Development Liechtenstein
Phone +423 235 16 97