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Oct 18, 2017 9:04 AM | Daily Market News

LGT Navigator: German analysts take a more cautious stance

In the latest survey conducted by Mannheim-based ZEW institute Financial, analysts and institutional investors showed an only slightly more optimistic about their economic outlook. The sentiment barometer for Germany climbed from +17.0 in the previous month to +17.6 points in October. The median analysts’ estimate conducted by Bloomberg had forecasted a stronger increase to 20.4. In addition, the current index level remains well below the long-term average of 23.8 points.

Oct 17, 2017 8:46 AM | Daily Market News

LGT Navigator: Awaiting clear impetus

There was a lack of clear impetus on stock markets at the beginning of the week, while the conflict between Spain and Catalonia continues to cause a certain amount of uncertainty in Europe. Investors will now probably focus on the question of who will be appointed by US President Donald Trump as successor to Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen. Trump will meet with potential candidates this week, although a renewed nomination of Yellen can also not be ruled out. Today, the stock markets are likely to find some impetus when blue chip companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs will present their quarterly earnings results.

Oct 16, 2017 8:58 AM | Daily Market News

LGT Navigator: Stocks supported by rock solid US economic data

Sentiment on stock markets remains relatively positive, also thanks to recent solid economic data from the USA, Europe and China. Consumer price data from the US indicated slightly higher inflation in September. Inflation rose from 1.9% in the previous month to +2.2%, with analysts forecasting an even stronger increase to +2.3% on average. Core inflation remained unchanged at +1.7%. In view of the strength of the American economy and the labor market, Fed head Janet Yellen sees further gradual increases in interest rates as appropriate despite low inflation. At the same time, retail sales rose sharply by +1.6% over the previous month, and US sentiment reached its highest level in 13 years, according to an initial assessment of the University of Michigan Monthly Survey in October.

Oct 13, 2017 8:49 AM | Daily Market News

LGT Navigator: Slow start to US earnings season

Following new records on Wall Street and despite solid results from US banks, US stock indices consolidated somewhat in the face of waning confidence in Trump’s tax-cut plans and the Fed signaling a more cautious stance. Today, data on consumer price inflation in the US could attract attention after the US Federal Reserve's mid-week report of the last session, published in mid-week, was more cautious about further tightening of key interest rates.

Oct 12, 2017 8:42 AM | Daily Market News

LGT Navigator: Fed delivers cautious tone

Minutes of the last FOMC meeting last month revealed a strong degree of caution over the timing of future Fed interest-rate hikes. Several Fed policy makers want to see stronger evidence for inflation. While stocks on Wall Street continued their record chase, the US dollar pared losses. At the same time, the euro was able to hold on to recent gains as an immediate threat of a Catalonian break-up from Spain receded for the time being.

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